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GK Safety Solutions is a division of

GK Interior Solutions Inc.


We are a full Design Millwork company that has provided millwork for the Commercial, Residential and Grocery Industry across Canada and the US for almost 15 years now in the Guelph, Ontario area.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic began and many businesses were forced to shut down, we were able to switch our production over to manufacturing Custom Safety Shields for multiple Grocery Chains in Canada.

We are very proud and honored to make the Plexiglass Protective Barriers for our Essential Workers in Grocery Stores to keep them safe and letting them continue their job with less anxiety. We were able to produce over 2000 shields in one week, by working evenings and throughout the weekend as we wanted to make sure all Grocery Store Employees would be protected as soon as possible.


Now that the Government is looking to slowly allow certain businesses to reopen, we want you to know that we can help out quickly and efficiently should you require Protective Plexiglass Shields, Workstations or Custom Barriers.

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