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How to Reopen Your Business Safely During the Pandemic

Slowly we are looking to reopen our businesses and have to think about what we need to do and the best way to do this.

So, you own a business and are trying to keep your customers and employees safe & healthy during the pandemic.

Where to begin?

I was able to find some information on the Government of Canada Website.

Another good link to review if you are not currently open but are looking to be open again soon is on the Ontario Website.

We are all confused as to what to do and what is allowed and what is best for everyone involved. How can we keep our businesses afloat and our employees working, while adhering to guidelines and trying to keep everyone safe & healthy?

We started seeing the way Grocery Chains were going and aside from strict hygiene and social distancing in the workplace, we figured we would start putting up Plexiglass Shields, in between our work stations in the office, as we were not a full 2m apart, when sitting at our desks.

Even though our doors are not open to the public at this time, we also added a Protection Barrier to our reception desk. This would keep our administrative staff safe when other office staff were communicating.

It was a no brainer to use Plexiglass, as it is easy to clean, half the weight of glass, transparent so it does not impede visibility, protects from viruses containing droplets released by coughing, sneezing or speaking. Or as our Prime Minister said “Speaking Moistly.”

These were all small and easy steps to take to keep everyone safe & healthy. But then I thought, sure this is easy for us, but what about all the other businesses that do not have the production capabilities, the endless funds that large businesses have, or the ability to have staff source materials and pricing for them? How would they go about trying to reopen their business? We decided to spring into action and make these items available for everyone.

Headlines and Articles from the NEWS:

Sobey’s Testimony: "We tested Plexiglas cashier shields as yet another safeguard to protect our teammates and customers from this terrible coronavirus." The shields "stand out as a strong safety precaution" among best practices the company looked at from around the world, he said.

Check out this article about why grocery stores are using plexiglass shields.

"The coronavirus is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes, producing virus-containing droplets that make their way into the mouths or noses of uninfected people, or by touching a surface with virus on it and then touching your face." - according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"The plexiglass partitions should help reduce virus exposure to front-line grocery store cashiers" - said Nick Eastwood, president of Always Food Safe, a food-safety training provider.

OPSEU persuades LCBO to install plexiglass shields

They were only allowed to stay open if they would comply with the Plexiglass Safety Shields. Can you imagine if the LCBO would have had to shut down? Disaster averted by installing plexiglass shields at the cash registers!

Thank you for giving this a read, and if you own a business, I hope you are able to open swiftly & safely :)

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